United Church of Christ


Earth Stewardship: Environmental Justice

In 2012, this congregation wrote and voted to adopt an eco-theology covenant.

Ongoing, on big and small issues, we strive to live out our covenant with the Earth!


COVENANT: The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof:   (Psalm 24:1) In your creation is our redemption. In your living water is our abundant life.

Yet we have fallen, from generation to generation, in fears of scarcity, and in the fever for power, into excess and abuse of these promised lands. We cherish Christ’s image of the kingdom as a sheltering, fruitful tree.  (Lk 13:18-20) And so we covenant: to the hard work of discerning ways to live in harmony with creation; to new understandings

  • of how we may feed ourselves and all who hunger,
  • and how we may protect the waters and the creatures in them,
  • and how we may develop clean energy to meet our needs
  • and guard the air the whole earth needs; to a vision of abundance which is social, spiritual, physical, and for all creatures, as a Family of God.

The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof. May we rejoice and be glad in it.

Past Environmental Justice/Sustainability Events:

Annual Veggie Garden Tours – We role modeled how to grow your own food in NH by hosting a tour route that goes to a few very local micro-farms.

“Feed My Lambs” Community Garden created to feed food-pantry patrons. Using the Square Foot Gardening method in 5 raised beds, we are growing “salad”.

Locavore Church Supper – Held on 350.org’s climate change awareness day- Local turkeys from Kellie Brook Farms, and veggies from gardens all over Exeter. (Year 1: Locavore chef Ted McCormack roasted local chickens and  produce for 150 people. Year 2: Church co-chefs Connie and Vickie did the same.)

NOFA-NH.org Foodie Workshops – Learn how to shop and cook from the Farmer’s Markets, right in our kitchen.

Winter Farmer’s Markets – Launched indoor markets for the SeacoastEatLocal.org farmers. Then they just got too big for our church! Check their website to see where they are holding their huge winter markets this year. Buy local!

“Fuzz Fest” – An annual natural fiber festival of weavers, spinners, felters, knitters, and more. Held each February.

Bike Rack Donation – parishioners may pedal to church now.

12 Zone Heater – we replaced our old heater with a 12-zone beauty.

Compost Bin Donation – Food scraps from church suppers and coffee grinds from Sunday’s mingle together in our new Earth Machine.

Tomato Seedling Gifts – Gifted to all children at Children’s Sunday Service.

Canning Classes – Participants were taught how to “put up” their fruits & veggies.

Basket Weaving Classes – Participants are taught how to make baskets of willow strips.

Eco-Palms – Fair trade palms are featured at our Palm Sunday Services.

Fair Trade Coffee – is offered at any of our events, and each Sunday. Buy a bag!

Ceramic coffee mugs option at coffee hour – Think how many paper cups we have used since the 1970s. The waste is mind-boggling! This is still under discussion. Make your voice heard! Ask for a ceramic cup this Sunday, we have many in the cabinets! Bring your own!!


 We The People free lecture/film series

…on sustainability issues.

  • Bill McKibben lecture: Climate Change lecture, held here in January of 2012, by Bill McKibben, the great environmentalist of our age.    Click here to see a short video of the night.
  • Dr. Amory Lovins lecture: World renown energy physicist spoke on a new vision of energy, at PEA Assembly Hall.
  • The Exeter River Watershed, lecture with discussion panel.
  • Solar Power Forum, lecture with discussion panel.
  • No Impact Man, film by Colin Beavan
  • King Corn, film with director Ian Cheney in attendance.
  • Food Inc., film by Robert Kenner
  • Flow, film by Irene Salina
  • Fresh, film by ana Sofia joanes