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  • March 1 2015 Dear Church, This past Wednesday night your new Church Council met for the very first time. Due to the hard work of the Transition Team, our church structure has been adapting and changing along with our church’s needs. And at our annual congregational meeting earlier this month we voted to change our by-laws in order to try something new with Church Council. Previously the Council was a place where other committees checked in and shared information. The Council had very little decision-making authority. This sometimes made the decision-making process difficult and time-consuming when more than one committee needed to be involved. Under the new system the committees still retain their responsibilities, but the Council functions as a place where larger decisions can be made with all voices at the table, and where longterm visioning for the congregation may also occur. I’m excited to see where this leads us, and I’m thrilled with our ...
  • Feb 13, 2015 Dear Church, It looks like we are in for another snowstorm this weekend. The forecast changes every hour, but there are already reports of a possible blizzard with white-out conditions on Sunday morning. So, I wanted to touch base quickly on our inclement weather plans here at the church. First of all, please never drive to church if you feel unsafe. I can’t stress that enough. Even if you are scheduled to help in worship, don’t get on the roads if they are bad. God will understand, and so will we! The deacons and I will make a decision about whether or not to cancel church as soon as conditions become clear. Hopefully this will be by Saturday night, though it may be Sunday morning. If the police ask for us to stay off the roads, we will automatically cancel. Closing information will be available on WMUR. We will also send an email ...
  • Feb 6, 2015 Dear Church,One of the blessings of being part of a larger church is that there are shared resources that we work together to support. In the New Hampshire Conference, Horton Center is one of our often-unheralded treasures.Horton Center is a camp and conference center located in the White Mountains. It is owned and administrated by the United Church of Christ here in New Hampshire. For nearly 60 years the center has been both a summer camp for youth, as well as a retreat for UCC members of all generations. In the last year exciting things have been happening at Horton Center. First, the center is now certified by the American Camp Association, a designation that only comes after a rigorous process. And second, the New Hampshire Conference has called the Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt as a full-time director of the center.This Sunday, Mollie will be joining us in worship where she ...
  • Jan. 30, 2015 Dear Church,For the past few weeks we’ve been asking an important question in worship: Why are WE here? Together we have been thinking about what it means to be the church, and praying about where God is leading us. And this Sunday after church we will have a chance to be the church together in a significant way. Our annual congregational meeting will take place following worship this Sunday. (Don’t worry; you’ll be out in plenty of time for pre-Super Bowl festivities.) On our agenda for Sunday are by-law changes that will change the role and structure of the Church Council, as well as the annual approval of the budget. We will also be electing a new slate of church officers and hearing reports about the state of the church.If you are a member of the congregation, your attendance at annual meeting is an important part of fulfilling your membership promises. In the Congregational tradition it is ...
  • Jan 23, 2015 Dear Church,Last week in worship we began to ask a very important question: Why are WE here?For four weeks I am preaching on that very theme in worship. Last week we talked about the first “why” being that God has called us together to be a church. This week we are going to be talking about the next “why”: to be disciples. But before we do, I want to talk a little about something specific that has to do with being the church together.As a pastor, I believe part of my job is to periodically remind us that we are not called to bring only our “best selves” to church. Sometimes churches send the message that your job is to come once a week in your “Sunday best” and only talk about the good and happy things going on in your life. I hope you’ve never gotten that message from ...
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