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Pastor’s eLetters:

  • Oct 24: Dear Church, This Sunday after church we are hosting our annual Ministry Fair in the vestry. The Ministry Fair is a chance for committees and groups in the church to showcase what they do, and to recruit new volunteers. Everything from music to volunteering in the community to helping with flowers for Sunday worship will be featured. If you’ve ever wondered about how you can get involved with something new, this is your chance. Then on Sunday night we will host our Halloween youth event at the church. Middle and High School aged youth should stop by at 6pm for pumpkin carving, pizza, and more. Friends of our youth are welcome! On Thursday, during Exeter’s regular trick-or-treating time, the church will also be open and we will be giving out candy and displaying the pumpkins the youth have carved. Make sure to bring your ghosts and goblins by from 4-7pm. We are going ...
  • October 17 Dear Church,  This Sunday morning we are going to be celebrating two important events. First, we are going to be welcoming a large group of new members to our church during worship. And, second, we are going to be baptizing a new baby into the faith and family of Christ. With these two acts we are extending our hands as a congregation to new children of God. Some come to our church after a lifetime in other congregations. Others come as seekers who have just found their way back to church. And others come to the font in their parents’ arms. The United Church of Christ has a saying: “No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.” No matter where these new members of our faith community have been, and no matter where God will lead them in their lives, we give thanks for the journey that ...
  • October 10: Dear Church, When clergy in the United Church of Christ receive ministerial standing there are a number of expectations to which we also agree. One of them, one that I believe is very important, is that in addition to serving our local congregations we will also serve in some way in the wider United Church of Christ. I believe strongly in our denomination, the United Church of Christ. I believe we benefit greatly from being part of a church body larger than ourselves. And I am grateful for all the ways we are able to lean on our local Rockingham Association, the New Hampshire Conference, and the national setting of the United Church of Christ. But those ministries are only there because we are there too. The United Church of Christ is governed at each level by both staff and also members, both lay and clergy, who give of their time and talents. ...
  • Sept 26: Dear Church, As we move from summer into fall, our church is in full gear. This Sunday after worship we will have a “Welcoming Coffee”. This is a chance for both newcomers to the congregation, or those considering joining, to meet with me and members of the Welcoming Committee. Our first Joining Sunday of the year is coming up on October 19th, so this is your chance to ask all the questions you might have about membership and our church. Even if you are just curious, and not ready to join, I encourage you to come and join us for coffee and conversation. Looking ahead to the following week, our annual Blessing of the Animals is taking place after church at noon. (You’ll have time after church to run home and bring back a pet, if you’d like.) We would love to see animals of all kinds join us for a special ...
  • Sept. 19, 2014 Dear Church, This Sunday in worship our congregation is joining together to do of the most important things we do. Towards the end of the service we will respond to the Word by baptizing one of our congregation’s children. Her parents will present her for the sacrament, her family and baptismal sponsors will promise to guide her in her faith journey, and even our children will promise to always be a friend to her. But you will be asked to do something too. As a member of this church community, you will be asked this question: Jesus Christ calls us to make disciples of all nations and to offer them the gift of grace in baptism. Do you who witness and celebrate this sacrament promise your love, support, and care this child who is about to be baptized, as she lives and grows in Christ. If so, please say, ‘We do with God’s ...
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