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Pastor’s eLetters:

  • Jan 23, 2015 Dear Church,Last week in worship we began to ask a very important question: Why are WE here?For four weeks I am preaching on that very theme in worship. Last week we talked about the first “why” being that God has called us together to be a church. This week we are going to be talking about the next “why”: to be disciples. But before we do, I want to talk a little about something specific that has to do with being the church together.As a pastor, I believe part of my job is to periodically remind us that we are not called to bring only our “best selves” to church. Sometimes churches send the message that your job is to come once a week in your “Sunday best” and only talk about the good and happy things going on in your life. I hope you’ve never gotten that message from ...
  • Jan 16, 2015 Dear Church,Have you ever asked yourself “Why am I here?” I don’t mean in the existential “Why do I exist” sense. I mean the “Why am I a part of a church?” sense. And, have you ever gone a step further and asked “Why are WE here?” As in, why are we all a part of this church, and what does it mean to be church together?We all have different stories, and we’ve all taken different roads to get to this place. And yet, we have all chosen to be a part of this church community. I think that’s an amazing thing. And I also think that periodically every church needs to ask itself the question of “Why are we here?” Why? Because as a church we should never forget our purpose for existing, nor what we are capable of doing together. And so, for the next four Sundays I will ...
  • Jan. 9, 2015 Dear Church,Greetings from the Arizona desert! I hesitate to tell you about the warm weather here, as I have heard about the weather back home. Even still, I’m looking forward to flying home tomorrow morning and joining you all in worship on Sunday.I’m also looking forward to the next part of our church year. It’s hard to believe, but Lent starts next month. In addition to the other worship and education offerings of the church, I will be leading a special small group during Lent focused on spiritual growth and preparing ourselves for Easter. These groups are different from a typical weeknight offering in that I am asking group members to commit to being present for preferably all, but at least almost all, sessions. The reason why is that the material will build on itself from week to week, and the small group will be an intentional community of sharing. This ...
  • Jan 2, 2015 Dear Church,Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations were wonderful and meaningful. I thoroughly enjoyed my first holidays here in Exeter, and I’m especially thankful for everyone who helped lead our Christmas Eve services whether by singing, reading, lighting candles, or ushering. Throughout the night just short of 600 people attended the two services. Without so many people working together that night, we wouldn’t have been able to welcome so many to our church for worship. After a carol sing last week, this week we return to our regular Sunday worship, including our monthly celebration of Holy Communion. This Sunday we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord, and the arrival of the three wise men at the manger. I’ll be preaching on “purpose” and what it means to search for ours in the new year.After church on Sunday I will be leaving for a week of continuing ...
  • Dec 22 Dear Church,After four Sundays of Advent together, we are almost at Christmas Eve. Each week in worship, assisted by our kids as they came forward for children’s time, we placed our prayers of hope, peace, joy, and love, written on yellow strips of paper, into the manger. By the end of worship yesterday, the manger was filled with the “straw” made of our prayers that will provide the baby Jesus with a place to rest.Hopefully our prayer did not just stay on those strips of paper, though. Hopefully they went deeper into our souls, and helped us to prepare our hearts as a place for Christ to be born again this year. If they have, then we have had a successful Advent, and we are well prepared for what comes comes next. Join us Christmas Eve at either of our two worship services. The 4pm service is an intergenerational worship experience. Our choir ...
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