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Pastor’s eLetters:

  • Dec 12 Dear Church,The theme for the third Sunday in Advent, this coming Sunday, is traditionally dedicated to “joy”. And today I have a joy to share with you all. This summer the Christian Growth Search Committee began their work of calling a new person to our church who would be responsible for Christian education and formation for all ages. Throughout the fall they have shared updates with the congregation, and also suggestions.One of the suggestions was that this position be a 3/4 time ordainable call offered to either an already ordained minister, or a soon-to-be ordained candidate for ministry. When the search committee moved forward with this new description of the position, we were pleased with the applications we received from well-qualified candidates. Today I am happy to announce that the search committee has completed their work, and extended an offer to a candidate. This morning that candidate officially accepted our offer to be our new Minister ...
  • Dec. 5 Dear Church,It’s hard to believe that it’s already the second Sunday of Advent. Last week we lit the candle on the Advent wreath that represents “hope”. And this week we will light the candle that represents “peace”. We will also repeat the Advent practice we started last week and write our prayers for peace out on the “straw” that our youngest members are placing in the waiting manger. And, slowly, we will continue to prepare for the coming of Christ into our hearts and into the world.Thursday morning a few of us, led capably by Bob Devantry, set up the stable for the live nativity on the front lawn of the church. We hammered stakes in the lawn, screwed together planks of lumber, moved bales of hay, and strung up fences. And, slowly, the stage was set, and all was ready.In Advent we are setting the stage for the coming of Christ. We ...
  • Nov. 28 Dear Church, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now, as we turn the corner into December, and start to look towards Christmas, I want to invite you to turn your hearts to the ancient and holy season of Advent. Advent literally means “the coming” or “the beginning”. It’s the time in the church year where we prepare to remember Christ’s birth. But, equally importantly, we also prepare ourselves that Christ’s love may be reborn in us at Christmas. We have a lot planned this Advent to help us all to get ready for Christmas. A few special events are taking place this week. First, join us for worship this Sunday. It’s a special intergenerational worship service and our children will be helping out later in the service. We will also be lighting the first candle on the Advent wreath, and singing some seasonal favorites. Then, on Tuesday night at 6pm, join ...
  • Nov. 21, 2014 Dear Church, It’s fairly expected that you will hear a lot of people talking about gratitude this time of year, so this note may just be part of the seasonal white noise. Even so, I hope you take it to heart. Because on this, the first Thanksgiving I am spending as your pastor, I want you to hear that I am thankful for all of you. No list could ever be complete, but here are just a few reasons why I’m thankful: - those of you who sit on committees and task forces, giving up nights away from home. - high schoolers who come out to have burritos with their pastor, or let me come to their soccer games or school plays. - bell ringers, singers, and musicians who contribute so much to worship each week. - our dedicated staff who go above and beyond so often. - those of you who drop by Me and ...
  • Nov. 14 Dear Church,This Sunday is our annual Stewardship Sunday. During Sunday’s worship service we will be receiving pledge cards during the regular offering. (If you need a pledge card just let us know, or pick one up before worship on Sunday.) During the offering we will ask those who wish to place their pledge cards in the offering plate and when the offering is received we will offer a special prayer of dedication. On Sunday our Stewardship Committee will also tally the pledges to date, ring a bell, and announce our total afterwards during coffee hour. At first glance this might not sound very “churchy”. Isn’t the church supposed to be above worldly things, after all? Why all this talk about money?I used to feel the same way on Stewardship Sundays. Come Sunday morning I want to talk about Jesus and God’s love, not dollars and cents. And yet, the more time I spend around churches, the more I find real ...
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