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Pastor’s eLetters:

  • Aug 29 Dear Church, Some of our elementary, middle, and high school students went back to school this week, and others will return next week. Our college-aged members are heading back to campuses now. And those of you who are teachers and administrators are gearing up for a new year. We value the education of our children, youth, and young adults. That’s why we invest in it so much both as individuals and as a larger society. We know that education is our children’s best hope for a bright future, and that the strength of a community is often directly tied to their success in educating their young people. It’s no different in the church. Like I said in my sermon on Sunday, many of our best educational institutions were founded by churches. The quest for knowledge, and the emphasis on learning, goes back to the very beginning of our faith and to Jesus Christ ...
  • Aug 22 Dear Church,People often ask me “what’s the difference between coming to church and joining as a member”? From the outside it might not look all that different. Member or not, we welcome all to worship with us and be a full part of our community. In fact, the only two things a non-member cannot do are vote at congregational meetings and hold an elected office or committee position in the church. (And, yes, I’ve heard people joke before that that’s a good reason not to join, but I promise our committees can be a lot of fun.) So, why join? You will, of course, always be welcome regardless of whether or not you choose to formally commit to the church, so why does it matter?To me, joining a church is a way of formally saying “this is the community of Christ with whom I want to fellowship, learn, serve, and worship ...
  • eNews from Emily, August 8 Dear beloved in Christ,It’s hard to believe that we are already in August! Soon a new school year will be starting and we will be celebrating Gathering Sunday here at the church. Already staff and committees are hard at work preparing for this fall. Look for more information on Confirmation, new adult education offerings, and more in your next issue of the Tower. If you’ve been able to join us for worship these last few weeks you know that we’ve been blessed with a full vestry. Last Sunday I preached on the story of how Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish and managed to feed a crowd. My message was that somehow Christ takes what we have and manages to make it “enough”.Our own crowd in the vestry was larger than we anticipated, and as we celebrated Communion we began to run out of bread. As I watched I ...
  • August 1, 2014 eNews from Emily This week’s thoughts from Rev. Emily C. Heath Dear beloved in Christ, Again, thanks to all of you who have stopped by the church or by one of my drop-in hours to say “hello”. I’ve appreciated all the rich conversations we have had so far. Because so many people have been curious about the drop-in hours, I will be holding another round next week. From next Tuesday, August 5th through Friday, August 8th, I will be back at Me and Ollie’s from 3-4pm each day. Come by and share conversation over a cup of coffee. Or, call and schedule a time to come by my office. My door is open to all. As I am settling into ministry with you all, I’ve been able to see how many people are doing great things in this church. From our Transition Team which is working hard to help shape our church structure going ...
  • Pastor eLetter July 25, 2014 Dear beloved in Christ, Thank you to all of us who joined us for worship on Sunday! We ended up needing to pull out more seats and bulletins, but that’s a great “problem” to have. It was wonderful to see the vestry so full, and to pray, sing, and fellowship together. Thanks also to those of you who have dropped by Me and Ollie’s this week to say “hello”. I’ve enjoyed our conversations. I know some of you have said that time didn’t work for you, so next week I’m going to try it again at a new time and in a new location. Join me at D Squared Java (on Water Street) next week from 5-6pm on Tuesday – Friday. No need to let me know you are coming. Just drop by and share some coffee and conversation. Finally, as I begin this call with you, I want to share a story ...
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