Pastor eLetter: Advent begins

November 30, 2012


Advent begins this Sunday.  Our theme as we celebrate communion and light the first candle on the wreath, is HOPE.  Who doesn’t need some of that?  It is God’s specialty.  Jeremiah, the major prophet will serve to feed us with truth.  Am hoping you will attend worship, the core of our being and the center of our life together as a church family.


“Advent is a time of waiting, filled with hope, for the One who is to come. When we live in love and act in hope, when we gather again and again at the table to remember what Jesus did and to know that Jesus is with us once again, we are people of Advent hope. We tend to think of the month of December as the Christmas season, and the secular world ironically reinforces that premature celebration, if only to entice us to early and excessive spending. But Advent is a different kind of time, just as we in the church are on a different “calendar” from the rest of the world.”     Sermon Seeds by K. Huey



Grace and peace,

Pastor Christine

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