We The People Series

We The People is a free lecture and film series that invites you to engage and educate yourself on issues at the intersection of current events and religion.

We The People is sponsored by the Congregational, Episcopal, and Unitarian-Universalist  churches of Exeter, in cooperation with Water Street Bookstore, and Phillips Exeter Academy.

Click here to see the current season’s schedule on our Facebook lecture series page!

Past events included:

  • “Inequality for All” documentary film feat. Robert Reich, 2014
  • John Nichols, Washington “Nation” reporter on Dollarocracy/Inequality, 2014
  • NH Death Penalty Panel Discussion, 2014
  • Author Thomas Moore, on Care of the Soul, with Katrina Kennison, 2014
  • Spirituality & Climate Change panel, 2013
  • UCC General Minister Rev. Geoffrey Black, on violence and guns 2013
  • Bishop Robt. Hirschfeld  of NH Episcopal Diocese, on violence and guns 2013
  • Nick Kristof, NY Times Reporter, 2013
  • Harvard Economist Gregory Mankiw, 2013
  • Atty. Matthew McGill on Citizen’s United, 2012
  • Prison Privatization Panel, 2012
  • Bishop Gene Robinson, 2012
  • Islamic Leader Daisy Khan, 2012
  • Author and Poet Kate Towler,  2012
  • Author Gayle Tzemach Lemmon:  2012
  • Author Warren Farrell on boys:  2012
  • Author James Carroll on religion:   2012
  • Physcist Dr. Amory Lovins on energy:  2012
  • Environmentalist Bill McKibben of 350.org: 2012
  • Rev. David McCallum: 2011
  • Collective Bargaining Panel: September 27, 2011
  • Prof. Wick Sloan on education
  • Chris Waddell on overcoming handicap
  • Carlos Eire on memory/history
  • Dr. George Valiant on spirituality in the brain
  • Sister Helen Prejean on the death penalty
  • Naomi Shehab Nye on Muslim-American women
  • David Mindich on youth and the media
  • Bishop Frank Griswold on prayer
  • Prof. Frawaz Georges on the Middle East
  • Panel on the Exeter River Watershed



  • Inequality For All
  • Flow
  • King Corn
  • No Impact Man
  • Food Inc.
  • Constantine’s Sword