High School

Soul Trek (9th-12th Grade)

This year high school group will meet on the 1st Sunday of every month from 6:30-9:00 PM

What is Soul Trek?

“Soul” - This program is about explorations of the soul, thinking deeply with not just our mind, but our heart and spirit also. We experience and reflect on the intersections between life, culture, faith and community involvement.

“Trek” - We’re all about doing, seeing and immersing ourselves in this program! Whether it’s a physical pilgrimage to a new place or a journey of the mind and soul into a new idea, we set out to be transformed, stretched and challenged by what we encounter along the way.

2011-2012: We took a wonderful trek through American Religions and Civic Life, which included our incredible trip to Washington, D.C.

2012-2013 Soul Trek

We will be trekking through a number of social-justice issues: peace, immigration, environmental care, poverty and economic systems, discrimination and disaster relief.

Components of the 2012-2013 Soul Trek:

  • Documentary Films & Discussions:
  • Mission Trip
    • Scheduled for: June 23-30, 2013
    • Cost: $325
    • Trip Location: Appalachia
    • What We Will Do: Build houses, serve others, learn about another culture, discover God in new ways.
  • Incentive Program
    • The Christian Growth Committee recognizes that students will have a more holistic experience of social-justice and be better prepared for the mission trip, if they engage in the documentary films and discussions. Therefore, they are offering an incentive to students who go through the whole Soul Trek.
    • If you attend 4 of the 6 documentary films and discussions, the Christian Growth Committee will put $150 toward your trip.
  • Fundraising:
    • April/May/June 2013
    • We will spend the Spring fundraising for our trip with the potential to earn an additional $20-$200 toward your trip.

All area high school students are welcome at the Documentary Films & Discussions, regardless of participation in the program. You are encouraged to bring friends.

High schoolers may also participate in a number of all-youth events, trips and retreats throughout the year.

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