Middle School

Voyage (6-8th  grade)

Middle Schoolers meet Sunday Mornings during 10 AM Worship.

“Voyage” is the name of our middle school group because each week we embark on a voyage of discovery to learn more about ourselves, God, and the world around us. Some years we dive into the fantasy worlds of popular films and through them into the stories of the bible, which help us navigate and reflect on our middle school lives. Other years we explore the intersections of sexuality, spirituality, relationships and values using the renowned curriculum Our Whole Lives.

2012-2013 will be our first year of Our Whole Lives (OWL). Parents click here for more information about the program. For teens wishing not to participate in OWL, you may remain in the worship service, participate or help in the Godly Play classrooms, or on 1st Sunday’s join the middle school group for non-OWL Voyage mornings where we will play games and explore spiritual practices.

Middle Schoolers may also participate in a number of youth events and trips throughout the year, including some in the summer.

←Check the Voyage Calendar for information about upcoming activities for middle schoolers!

If you are a new or visiting Middle School student, please begin in worship and head down to the basement youth room after the children are dismissed for Godly Play. 

Sunday morning Voyage takes a break for the summer and picks-up again the Sunday after Labor Day.